To the Ends of the Earth - To the Ends of the Earth | 2005 Mini Dizi Orjinal | BRRip | XviD | Tek link indir izle

Adı: To the Ends of the Earth - To the Ends of the Earth
IMDb Puanı: 0.0/10
Yönetmen: David Attwood
Yazarlar: Tony Basgallop, William Golding, Leigh Jackson,
Ülke: İngiltere,
Tür: Dram,
Süre: 267
Oyuncular: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Harris, Jamie Sives, Richard McCabe, Victoria Hamilton,


Özet: In the early 1800s young Edmund Talbot travels on a not too sea-worthy ship to New South Wales to take up a post with its governor. He keeps a journal, recording his impressions of crew and passengers. He gets on well with the Captain, Anderson, an amateur botanist who grows plants in his cabin, but, due to a social gaffe, well-meaning young parson Colley falls foul of the captain, later getting drunk and having gay sex with crew members. Despite Edmund’s efforts to broker an understanding he remains in his cabin, where he literally wastes away. Edmund has a sexual encounter with the comely Zenobia, travelling with her parents, but he comes to realize that they are not related at all, merely a sexual threesome. Miss Granham, travelling to take up the job of a governess, falls for the older Mr. Prettiman, whom Edmund despises as a free-thinker, though they eventually reconcile. Prettiman is badly injured in a fall and Miss Granham agrees to marry him immediately, with flowers provided …