Phantom 2019 Sezon 01 SUBBED WEB h264-WEBTUBE Teklink indir izle

In Russian With English Selectable Subtitles.
In a mental health facility, an unknown man comes to his senses. He doesn’t remember anything. Nobody knows how he turned up here. It is only known that his name is Ivan, he has been in the clinic for a year, all this time under powerful antidepressants. Only the director of the clinic knows the truth about his situation, but he mysteriously dies the same day Ivan regains consciousness.
During the investigation of the director’s death, Ivan meets operations officer Stanislav Krasivtsev. They start their relationship on the wrong foot… But Ivan and his ward roommate Arthur demonstrate excellent investigation skills. It is thanks to their help that the culprit is apprehended and arrested.
Yet this is just the beginning of Ivan’s story. His wife and best friend arrive at the clinic. It turns out that Ivan’s real name is Pavel, and he used to run a successful pharmaceutical company. It was no accident he ended up in the hospital. Someone has “helped” him and those people are not happy to see him out again. To get to the bottom of what happened to him, Ivan aka Pavel will have to work alongside cop Stanislav Krasivtsev in a quid pro quo deal. Last, but not least, his roommate Arthur has a surprise in store: he is definitely not who he seems…

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