7 Sins of the Vampire (2013)


Adı: 7 Sins of the Vampire
IMDb Puanı: 4.0/10 (10 oy ile)
Tür: Korku
Yönetmen: Doug Ulrich
Ülke: USA
Vizyon Tarihi: 12 Temmuz 2013
Oyuncular: Darla Albornoz, Nancy Dall, Albert Darago III, Al Darago, Vincent De Paul, Edward Dilley Jr.

Özet: So we have vampire whores feeding on men and ripping their hearts out. We have a vampire pimp who feeds on women. We have the cops who use no detection work whatsoever and then harass a guy on a street corner who tells them exactly what they are dealing with and where they can be found.

We have to be scrupulously fair to 7 Sins of the Vampire. The back of the DVD box admits that it was an independent film, shot on a sub-shoestring budget and had a cast consisting of local actors and friends and family. It is, therefore, going to have faults, but what it has as well is heart.

Note that the film is dated as 2002 but did not receive distribution until 2012 and is listed as 2013 on IMDb.


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