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Adı: The Somnambulist - The Somnambulist
IMDb Puanı: 4.3/10
Yönetmen: Rachel Grissom
Yazarlar: Rachel Grissom, Andy Sparaco,
Ülke: ABD,
Tür: Gerilim,
Süre: 0
Oyuncular: Edward Furlong, Vail Bloom, Heather McComb, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Lorena Rincon,

IMDb: Paranormal Abduction (2012) - IMDb

Özet: Having recently escaped a brutal assault at the hands of psycho Frank (Edward Furlong, Terminator 2, American History X), Rebekah Lakin (Heather McComb, Prison Break, The Event) finds herself a shadow of who she once was. The constant state of fear and anxiety she now lives in brings about frequent hallucinations, paranoia and insomnia. Uncomfortable with the idea of being on her own Rebekah is invited to move in with close friend and investigator - Irene (Vail Bloom, Young and the Restless, Entourage). Still regularly reliving her attack and desperate to occupy her time, Rebekah becomes intrigued with one of Irene's cases - that of a coma patient, Alex Chandler (Gbenga Akinnagbe, The Wire). Initially this helps to distract Rebekah's mind, until her battered psyche worsens and she begins to mysteriously see him in unexpected places. The deeper she delves into Alex's past, the less confident she becomes in her grip on reality. As short and long term memories intertwine, she begins to forget where her initial fears came from - is it Alex, is it the original assailants coming to finish the job, or is it Rebekah herself? The Somnambulist also stars Kate Nauta (Transporter 2, Fear Clinic).