Çılgın Yılbaşı - Mixed Nuts | 1994 | Türkçe Dublaj | DVDRip | 4 Tek Link


Orjinal Adı: Mixed Nuts
IMDb Puanı: 5.3/10 (7,850 oy ile)
IMDb Top250: -/250
Yönetmen: Nora Ephron
Yazarlar: Nora Ephron, Delia Ephron
Görüntü Yönetmeni: Sven Nykvist
Ülke: USA
Tür: Komedi, Dram
Süre: 97 dk.
Yapımcılar: Delia Ephron, Joseph Hartwick, Paul Junger Witt
Müzik: George Fenton
Oyuncular: Steve Martin, Madeline Kahn, Robert Klein

Özet: Philip runs a crisis hotline with Catherine and Mrs Munchnik. That's the easy part, now it gets tricky... Stanley loves evicting people and he evicts Philip. Philip loves helping people and he is loved by Catherine. Catherine is loved by Louie who loves writing songs. Chris loves dancing to songs and loves to wear large dresses. Gracie also loves to wear large dresses because she's pregnant. She loves the baby's father, Felix, who loves to paint. That just leaves Mrs. Munchnik who hasn't been loved by anybody in a very long time. Christmas Eve in Venice Beach, California. A serial strangler is on the loose. A crisis hotline, staffed by three inept counselors, faces eviction. Each of the three is lovelorn. They and their non-profit program need a miracle. Their paths cross those of Gracie and Felix, penniless lovers who are fighting with each other and are about to become parents; Chris, an unhappy man in drag; Louie, their loopy song-writing neighbor; a man walking his dogs; a veterinarian; and, their landlord. A Christmas tree, an elevator, a fruit cake, and a pistol also figure in this night before Christmas. Are any miracles in the offing?


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