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    DP BIG BOSS devrimow - ait Kullanici Resmi (Avatar)
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    GAME Age of Wonders III-RELOADED


    Age of Wonders III-RELOADED

    The critically acclaimed fantasy series makes its long prophesied return, taking its strategy/RPG formula to the next level with a powerful new 3D engine. Players join a clash of kings, queens and dark lords for the spoils of an ancient paradise. By introducing unique RPG-inspired classes and specializations, players are able to craft empires of their own design, developing unique strategies and play styles. The world-changing conflict plays out on sweeping landscapes, loaded with mythical locations waiting to be uncovered, conquered and exploited.


    • Explore, expand and exploit a living fantasy world. Discover wondrous locations and gather legendary heroes.
    • Develop your domain, with many classes having the ability to change terrain and climates to suit your needs.
    • All new 3D graphics that provide a crisper and more detailed overview of the world and battle maps.
    • New styles of play are possible with the introduction of RPG style leader classes like warlord, theocrat, rogue and sorcerer, along with a wide selection of specializations.
    • Command a variety of races. Pick your starting race and shape your people’s destiny using your leader’s unique skills.
    • A brand-new tactical battle system renders each battlefield and siege in great detail; new rules include flanking and a massive set of special unit abilities.
    • An epic story campaign with two playable factions; Choose the mighty Commonwealth Empire or join the Court of the High Elves, founded after the reunion of the Dark Elves and Wood Elves.
    • Compete online in extensive multiplayer modes and scenarios.
    • High replay value through random maps, difficulty modes and tools allowing user created content.

    Publisher: Triumph Studios
    Developer: Triumph Studios
    Genre: Strategy
    Release Name: Age.of.Wonders.III-RELOADED
    Size: 2.68 GB
    Links: AMAZON | iGN | GameSpot |



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    Dp Üye
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