Beyond Enemy Lines 2 Tank Base-SKIDROW

A new intense and large scale hostage rescure themed singleplayer mission. And free Multiplayer content offering a new Conquest and Coop Mission and Team-Deathmatch Map. Infiltrate a highly guarded Tank Base, locate and secure a hostage.
“The air corridor for Mikhail’s extraction is now open. The task now is to find Mikhail and bring him out for debriefing. Infiltrate the installation – Locate and free Mikhail – Escort him back to exfiltration.”


  • 1 new Singlemission
  • 3 new Multiplayer maps (CQ_TankBase, TDM_TankBase, COOP_TankBase)*

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Polygon Art
Publisher: Polygon Art

Release Name: Beyond.Enemy.Lines.2.Tank.Base-SKIDROW
Size: 14.3 GB
Links: STEAM |