Breach and Clear Frozen Synapse Pack-SKIDROW

The teams behind Breach & Clear and Frozen Synapse have joined forces to create a unique and immersive crossover experience that will appeal to fans of both highly-acclaimed strategy titles! The new Tactical Collaboration Pack combines the best of both worlds by placing real Special Operations Forces into the realm of Frozen Synapse, and vice versa. This DLC pack includes 5 new missions, unique weapons, and a playable squad from Petrov’s Shard.


  • 5 new maps set in Markov Geist, playable in all three game modes. Some of these are the largest and most challenging maps in B&C to date!
  • 1 new playable team in the form of Petrov’s Shard.
  • 2 new Frozen Synapse inspired weapons.
  • 12 new Steam achievements to earn.

Published by: Mighty Rabbit Studios
Developed by: Gun
Genre: Actie, RPG, Simulatie, Strategie
Release name: Breach.and.Clear.Frozen.Synapse.Pack-SKIDROW
Size: 1.19 GB
Links: Homepage