Cossacks 3 Path to Grandeur-RELOADED

The game is made standalone and includes all previous updates and dlc’s!
Description: Cossacks 3: Path to Grandeur will allow you to participate in glorious wars, marching through half of the Europe and battling the greatest empires of an era. It includes two new nations, 8 unique units, amusing campaigns and much more!


  • Ottoman campaign: Take part in greatest battles of Köprülü era and lead the Ottoman empire to grandeur.
  • Spanish campaign: Become an Ambrogio Spinola. Demonstrate your wits in sieges of mighty fortress and calm mind in fiery battles.
  • New units: 8 new unique units for Ottoman Empire, Spain, Portugal and Hungary. 6 units are exclusive to Cossacks 3.
  • New climatic zone: Get ready to fierce battles among great sands under scorching desert sun.
  • New nations: Highly anticipated by our players Hungary and Portugal are returning to game and entering the battlefields, each has its own custom soundtrack.

Genre: Strategy
Developer: GSC Game World
Release Name:
Size: 2.82 GB
Links: Steam |