Crimson Earth-HI2U

World is a dark place now. Hordes of zombies walking down the street in search of fresh meat.
Each one can be killed in different and tricky ways: burn, headshot, falling to an abyss, mass kill, tearing off body parts or even a rocket blow!
It don’t matter which one you prefer, there will always be blood flows, dropped body parts and bloody creature screams!
Each levels has 5 unique kinds of enemies, with different gameplay.

You have more then 8 weapon types like pistols, semi-automatic and automatic weapons, rifles, flamethrower and a special skills of the character:
airsupport, bombsrain, toxic dots and a lot more.

Combine different ways of murder, make it hot, make it bloody to achieve the goal of resсuing the planet!
Each level is a highly detailed environment and has lots of ways to accomplish.
Abandoned arenas, ports, deserts, destroyed bridges and labs, full of zombies, – these are perfect places for blood and insanity.
Realistic graphics, detailed blood effects, total violence with a groovy sound – this is what Crimson Earth is all about!

Genre: Action
Developer: Real Dynamics
Publisher: Real Dynamics Games

Release Name: Crimson.Earth-HI2U
Size: 1.23 GB
Links: STEAM |