Dinosaur Island-PLAZA

A survival and killing adventure game, thrilling death exploration, cooking all kinds of food, making weapons, looking for resources, and enjoying breathtaking Adventures. Live and explore in a dark environment, and always be on guard.


  • 1.More than 50 items and 10 kinds of weapons
  • 2.For each adventure, you can only carry 5 props, choose different combinations of props, for better exploration and survival
  • 3.You must collect food and water to make sure you are in the best state
  • 4.It is very important to find camps. You need to make things, weapons, and cook food at the camps.
  • 5.The game can not be upgraded. It requires the player to look for design drawings on the map, strengthen attack, life, and unlock items and weapons
  • 6.Over a period of time, there are 1-3 Boss at random. They have terrible injuries and various special attacks, such as fire breathing, spraying venom, lightning attack, etc.
  • 7.For every adventure, players can carry a robot, each robot has a different ability
  • 8.Cherish life. When you die, you will lose a certain amount of energy crystals

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: LiangDeZhao
Publisher: LiangDeZhao

Release Name: Dinosaur.Island-PLAZA
Size: 3.49 GB
Links: STEAM |