Doorways The Underworld-CODEX

Doorways: Doorways: The Underworld is a first person horror adventure, featuring a complex story and deep atmosphere. It will challenge you with its fast-paced gameplay and breathtaking visuals and sounds, so prepare to immerse yourself in a terrifying psychological experience.


  • Horrifying exploration adventure with an immersive atmosphere
  • Ingenious puzzles as well as challenges that put your reflexes at test
  • Inspired voice acting by Sam A. Mowry (the voice of Alexander in Amnesia: The Dark Descent)
  • Replayability through many secret places
  • Full Controller support
  • Native Oculus Rift support

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Publisher: Saibot Studios
Developer: Saibot Studios
Release Name: Doorways.The.Underworld-CODEX
Size: 876 MB
Links: STEAM |