Dungeons and Darkness-PLAZA

DEMO is available! You can play up to the first dungeon.
Then you can use the same savedata for the release version.
A first-person exploration and action RPG game.
Make your way through monster and trap infested dungeons,
uncover chests contained powerful weapons and armor,
and slay the great evil that lurks deep in the shadows.

This world is full of misfortune…
Countries do battle, people kill and steal, the poor suffer.

Stories began to spread amongst the people.
The stories told of several dungeons in this world.
That within their depths, lives a calamitous evil.
An evil energy that darkens hearts and will bring ruin to this land.

Warriors have delved into the dungeons, seeking its darkest secrets.
One seeks to destroy the evil and bring peace to this land.
Another looks for lost treasures, seeking only his own wealth.
And yet another…

The existence of several impregnable dungeons of old became known
throughout the land, attracting people, goods and commerce.
Naturally this led to the creation of a town – one of prosperity and stability.
But the town that exists now speaks of a warped and troubled world.

It has withstood many disasters and longs for peace to return to this world…
It is with this same wish that you set foot into the town.

Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Yamiuchi Project
Publisher: AGM PLAYISM

Release Name: Dungeons.and.Darkness-PLAZA
Size: 804 MB
Links: STEAM |