Gangsta Sniper-PLAZA

You are Gangsta sniper guy. Your only mission is to find, rob and collect money bags in different themed levels. Player mission is to find 6 hidden money bags in different levels. There are mostly at least 10 hidden money bags but player not need find all of them. Levels contains 3 different enemies/racies: Zombies, Human Mutants and Cyborg soldiers with rifle. different racies can also kill each others, like cyborg soldier enemy can kill zombies. So all enemies will fight agains others or they can also fight together against player.

Some levels player can also use armored car to kill enemies. Armored vehicle have super rifle weapons and limited ammos. Some levels using armored vehicle is only way to survive. There are also normal car without weapons, which can be used transportation more faster

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: Tero Lunkka, Gangsta Studios, BlackThug
Publisher: Tero Lunkka

Release Name: Gangsta.Sniper-PLAZA
Size: 5.99 GB
Links: STEAM |