Into the Dark Ultimate Trash Edition-HI2U

Don´t even dare to hope for state-of the art graphics, a proper balancing, professional voice acting or breathtaking script-writing. This here is 100% pure trash, an adventure / shooter hybrid with gazillions of bad jokes, dozens of pop culture references and a hidden, dense net of subversive, intelligent messages related to post-WWII-politics. Oh yes, you need a basic knowledge of pop culture to enjoy the game, and quite some education on politics to really love it, but who cares?

  • 11 Levels of pure madness
  • 15 different guns & weaponized items
  • Soundtrack featuring Nox Arcana
  • 67 puzzles
  • 238 lovely clipping errors
  • 35 sophisticated AI bugs
  • Guaranteed minimum of 10 crashes when playing through the game!
  • 168 additional glitches
  • Play it as adventure, as shooter or as both!
  • Explore the levels with your Oculus Rift Kit in VR!
  • Watch the full movie “Night of the living dead” ingame!

Published By: Homegrown Games
Developed By: Homegrown Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Name: Into.the.Dark.Ultimate.Trash.Edition-HI2U
Size: 2.98 GB
Links: STEAM