Lands Of The Lost-DARKSiDERS

In addition to finding consumable potions to restore your health & mana, you will get random drops from enemies that are crafting items that can be brought to a village where the crafting NPC can turn it into goods for you. In town you will also be able to pick up quests to complete for rewards, or to buy/sell new weapons & armor & magic rings or even just more potions (including permanent stat boosting ones). The towns also have many NPCs that provide some backstory and lore to the game.

You will find that most gear will raise these stats as well further increasing your damage. The various weapons you will be able to purchase of increasing power will mostly just be boosts to these stats, however weapons also set the damage type for your basic attack to either physical (scales with ATK) or magic (scales with MATK). Not only do basic attacks scale with these stats but you will see that the attack skills you can unlock in the skill tree as you level up will scale in the same way (and also be of either physical or magical type damage). These skills use mana but that will regenerate with time like your health, also there are potions to restore both. You’ll also find armor to boost the defensive stats. Additionally you can get ‘buff’ skills that will raise certain stats for a period of time before wearing off.

Genre: Action
Developer: Night Owl Gaming LLC
Publisher: Night Owl Gaming LLC

Release Name: Spreadstorm.x64-DARKSiDERS
Size: 2.52 GB
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