LAZARETTO is a first-person survival horror video game set in the current day. You play the descendant of a man who once worked at an old and inactive facility, rumored to be located on a haunted quarantine island…a Lazaretto. Armed with only with a flashlight and nagging curiosity, your goal is to explore the environment, uncovering mysteries surrounding an artifact which has recently fallen into your possession.


  • COMBAT-FREE SURVIVAL GAMEPLAY – Explore the LAZARETTO with only a flashlight and no weapons! See if you can avoid dangerous foes while solving mind-bending puzzles. Prepare to die… a lot!
  • CREATURES – Horrific creatures designed by Fabrizio Bortolussi, whose work can also be found in District 9 and the Silent Hill feature film.
  • INVISIBLE EVIL – Run from a terror that you can hear but not see! Listen carefully for audio clues, then try to get away!
  • STORY – You are drawn into a forgotten world where a mysterious and dark history is slowly revealed.
  • MOOD – The eerie and decaying environment coupled with unseen, haunting sounds provide an evolving span of contextual tension. The character is presented with scenarios ranging from escalating terror to sheer panic.
  • CHARACTERS – Encounter unique characters where the lines of good & bad, real vs imagined are not as one might assume.
  • PHENOMENA – We explore the paranormal, the subconscious and what lies beyond death and time.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR – As the story progresses, fears and vulnerability are exposed, challenging the main character’s perspective on what is real vs paranormal.
  • PUZZLES – Puzzles are presented organically as storytelling mechanisms, appropriate to the environment. Each has been designed with unique tension to shape the gameplay and mood.

Genre: Violent, Gore, Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Iron Monkey
Publisher: iEntertainment Inc, Thriller Games

Release Name: Lazaretto-SKIDROW
Size: 1.18 GB
Links: Steam |