Making History The Great War v1.0.51593.36 Cracked-3DM

Making History: The Great War” is a turn based strategy game of global war set in the volatile period of the early 20th century. As leader of your nation you have the power to choose your path and alter the course of history. Can you conquer and hold a global empire? The world’s people will not be subjugated willingly, and how you govern your conquests will determine your fate. For while today’s victory may increase the lands and people you control, it can sow the seeds for tomorrow’s unrest, instability and, ultimately, collapse. Skillful management of your economic resources will be required – failing to invest in technology and arms can be fatal, but overspending may lead to a collapse in government support and widespread rebellion. Victory also calls for careful diplomacy. Will you be able to entice key nations to join your alliance before they ally against you? Ideology matters less than national interest in this time period, so be ready to negotiate with, threaten, and undermine other leaders to get what you want. A new era is looming on the horizon as the fate of empires unfolds

  • Create alliances, declare spheres of influence, and make demands on your neighbors.
  • Undermine enemies by supporting opposition groups, sparking civil wars, and funding coups.
  • Compete with other nations to exploit the resources needed to build an industrial age economy.
  • Race against your enemies to be the first to research and deploy key new technologies such as Tanks, Warplanes, and Submarines.
  • Break the enemy trench lines with Bombardments and Poison Gas attacks.
  • Use naval fleets to blockade the enemy or conduct unrestricted submarine warfare.
  • Play as the leader of one of the great powers or try your hand at one of the smaller nations attempting to survive.
  • Explore multiple scenarios encompassing a variety of key starting points in the Great War period.
  • Vie for dominence against other armchair generals on a LAN or using the online hosted multiplayer service integrated with the web community
  • Create your favorite “What If” scenarios using the detailed Scenario Editor, then share and play them through the service

Publisher: Muzzy Lane Software
Developer: Muzzy Lane Software
Genre: Strategy, Turn-Based
Release name: Making.History.The.Great.War.v1.0.51593.36.Cracked-3DM
Size: 1.34 GB
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