Namariel Legends Iron Lord Premium Edition-PROPHET

In this adventure quest game player will need to sneak into the citadel of cruel Iron Lord and rid invaded land of Namariel from tyrant after escaping from air prison, revealing the secret of Iron Lord and rescuing legitimate King and Queen of Namariel. This Multi-language Premium Edition includes extra 13 locations (about 90 minutes of additional gameplay in which the player has to rescue legitimate King and Queen of Namariel)


  • Multi-language edition
  • An intriguing plot
  • 50 game locations
  • Cute robot assistant Jim
  • 25 mini-games
  • More than 50 3D movies and cutscenes
  • Unique device – “mind reading device” with which the player can read the thoughts and desires of any character in the game
  • 2 game modes (normal and advanced)
  • Achievements’ System

Publisher: PlayRIX
Developer: Shaman Games
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Release Name: Namariel.Legends.Iron.Lord.Premium.Edition-PROPHET
Size: 665 MB
Links: STEAM |