One Way Flight-PLAZA

Global cataclysms have happened on Earth many times. Though ancient legendary civilizations like Atlantis tried to prevent them, they couldn’t survive. Some of the ancient mystical facilities continue working until the present time stabilizing the tectonic plates and doing other things unclearfor modern humanity.
But eventually even they stop functioning, causing strange atmospheric phenomena, earthquakes, and other disasters. And a person who occasionally appears near at this moment must beware.

You are trying to survive alone on an uninhabited island after a mystical air crash. First of all, you gather the remaining stuff and wait for the rescuers. After several days of waiting in vain you begin an exploration of the are, building a shelter, and gathering food. At the same time, you try to uncover the mystery of the island and understand the reasons for the air crash.

Genre: Casual
Developer: SiBear
Publisher: SiBear

Release Name: One.Way.Flight-PLAZA
Size: 1.14 GB
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