Project Green Beat-PROPHET

Project Green Beat is a truly unique music-based rail shooter. The core of the game is the music, which is the inspiration for the visuals and the entire flow of each custom crafted level. This is really what makes this game different. It goes beyond just tying events to a beat – the visuals are designed to move with the ebb and flow of the songs as they follow on their journey to the crescendo. The ultimate goal is a fully immersive experience. While the music is the hook, there are two features which give this game its endurance: it’s unique score system and the online play. Project Green Beat focuses on rewarding player creativity by allowing numerous ways to play, allowing the player to experiment while their skill progresses. Bonuses are given for numerous skills including hitting targets on a ricochet, hits with proximity mines, and for shooting on-beat. Bonuses stack, so players naturally gravitate to more difficult and rewarding maneuvers. As your skill improves you will learn how to combine your left and right click weapons to place and redirect shots in ways to maximize your score through each unique section of the game. A skilled player can find ways to extend streaks, unlock secrets, and score literally thousands of times higher than a beginner.

A free drop in online mode supports global challenges where players compete concurrently in levels with custom rules, forcing players to adjust their gameplay strategies to vie for online fame. In these challenges, players can risk their fame, betting it for even greater rewards. Project Green Beat takes inspiration from the demoscene and features some of the best techno mod music from an earlier era.

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Publisher: Indie Game – None
Developer: SeattleEgg
Release Name: Project.Green.Beat-PROPHET
Size: 987 MB
Links: STEAM |