This game contains STRONG language that may not be suitable for minors and younger audiences. Player discretion is advised.
Prospekt begins in the Nova Prospekt prison in the Half-Life universe. Gordon Freeman is slowly being overrun by soldiers in the prison, however unknown to him his Vortigaunt allies manage to find some help from a forgotten hero.


  • Substantial, highly-polished and totally new addition to the Half-Life 2 universe, comparable to Half-Life 2: Episode One in length

  • Developed by one person, 25 year old Richard Seabrook

  • Official Valve approval for Half-Life 2 license and assets

  • Standalone PC game built using the Source engine – no requirement for Half-Life 2

  • Continues the story of Opposing Force, Gearbox Software’s (Borderlands) update that tells the original Half-Life 2 story from the perspective of the Marines.

  • Gordon Freeman is cornered and being overrun by soldiers in the Nova Prospekt prison; the player controls US Marine Adrian Shephard – the unsung hero – as he’s teleported in by Freeman’s Vortigaunt allies to help fight back.

  • 13 new levels featuring fully-scripted puzzles and action sequences, all carefully integrated into the Half-Life 2 story

  • Substantial graphical updates over the original game, including but not limited to:

  • New Textures

  • New Models

  • Updated high resolution Combine soldier skins with improved normal mapping

  • Updated high resolution textures

  • Updated lighting

  • Higher resolution models

  • Increased cube mapping

  • Over 20 new particle effects

  • Modded HUD

  • Modded VGUI

  • New player model skin

  • Return to Xen

  • New voice acting

  • New music

  • New AI improvements, such as soldiers attempting to undo the player’s actions

Genre: Action
Publisher: Richard Seabrook
Developer: Richard Seabrook

Release Name: Prospekt-RELOADED
Size Win: 6.17 GB
Links: STEAM | iGN | GameSpot |