Real World Racing Miami-SKIDROW

The radiant sun has well begun its descent and lingers behind the city skyline.
That’s when the neon lights up and engines begin to roar.
Real World Racing: Miami brings the race to the East Coast, with all of its 80’s flair for good measure.

5 new tracks
Run across Miami Beach, the causeways and a special stop on the sands of the world famous South Beach.
5 new cars, Miami style
Ready to ride, no unlocks necessary, these cars have ruled the roads Miami previously, and are ready to teach a lesson or two to the newcomers.

Genres: Indie, Racing, Simulation
Publisher: Inky Mind UK Ltd
Developer: Playstos Entertainment
Release Name: Real.World.Racing.Miami-SKIDROW
Size: 2.64 GB
Links: STEAM