Return NULL Episode 2 MULTI2-0×0815

Episode 2 begins a few hours after the ending of Episode 1. Jack Drebin wakes up in the headquarters of the Dissonant Octave and discovers their plans to fight against the oppression of the Local Security Force. He joins the supposed terrorist group in their plot to undermine the rule of the LSF. In a final effort to exact revenge, Jack agrees to take part in one more mission to overthrow the oppressive forces that govern his world. And in joining the rebellion, he uncovers terrible truths which point to the exciting climax to be revealed in Episode 3.


  • A sci-fi story set in a distant dystopian society
  • Choices of Episode 2 effect Episode 3
  • Additional sound tracks add tension and atmosphere
  • New and improved Comic book style illustrations
  • Shooting system with moving targets
  • Deeper character background and expanded content
  • Explore interactive environments and solve puzzles to find what you need to advance through the story

Genre: Indie
Developer: Michael Lückgen
Publisher: Digital Tribe

Release Name: Return.NULL.Episode.2.MULTI2-0×0815
Size: 618 MB
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