Risky Wings-PLAZA

Levels are procedurally generated, so they’re never exactly the same. Memorizing won’t help (much), you need to learn to react to situation at hand and make best choice, really fast. A single mistake (probably) won’t kill you, but two mistakes in the row will be fatal.

Chose how competitive or meditative your flight will be:

  • arcade — find all required rune-keys to unlock portal to the next world
  • challenge — play single world for highest score combo-chain (ranked on leaderboard)
  • dark flight — survive to the end in (almost) complete darkness (ranked on leaderboard)
  • zone — never-ending zone where only way to restore energy is to score points (ranked on
  • zen — no scoring, no damage, just flight of fun and relaxation

Genre: Action, Racing
Developer: FireVector
Publisher: FireVector

Release Name: Risky.Wings-PLAZA
Size: 2.46 GB
Links: STEAM |