Shadows on the Vatican Act II Wrath-RELOADED

When Silvia is hunted by the person behind the attempted murder she was assigned to commit, she knows the only option remaining is to face the deadly conspirator openly. In the heart of the local underworld, Silvia will discover a game of power in which everyone is an expendable pawn. A forced alliance with her ex-target seems to be the only way to avoid the inevitable, but if they want to dispel the secretive mists of the Vatican, James and Silvia will have to come to terms with their limitations…

Shadows on the Vatican is a thrilling new point-and-click adventure in 4 acts, inspired by real events in recent Italian history and freely adapted from the bestseller of David Yallop “In God’s Name”.

  • Art direction by Lorenzo Ruggiero (Marvel/DC Comics) [More info]
  • Over 10 locations per episode with high resolution graphics and full HD support (max resolution 1920×1080)
  • Realistic characters with hours of motion-capture animations
  • Well integrated puzzles and several hours of gameplay
  • Animated coloured comics by award winner Daniela di Matteo [More info]
  • Fully dubbed in English

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Adventure Productions ,10th Art Studio
Publisher: Adventure Productions

Release Name: Shadows.on.the.Vatican.Act.II.Wrath-RELOADED
Size: 1.69 GB