Solaria Moon-HI2U

Solaria Moon is a space adventure in 3D in which we will be on board of the enormous cargo spacecraft Taranis. Our protagonist, a young computer engineer named Lucy Lambert, wakes up completely disorientated in her hibernation capsule without a hint of what has happened. From that moment, it will take place a new adventure full of challenging puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover.


  • Space adventure in 3D.
  • High quality graphics.
  • Intriguing and enigmatic plot.
  • Dozens of puzzles integrated in the development of the story.
  • Multitude of interactive elements.
  • Exploration of the spacecraft Taranis.
  • Distinguished original soundtrack.
  • Accurate Spanish and English dubbing.

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Publisher: Tizona Interactive, Zerouno Games

Release Name: Solaria.Moon-HI2U
Size: 2.77 GB
Links: STEAM |