Star Ruler 2 Wake of the Heralds PROPER-PLAZA

The Heralds
For as long as the records recount, the Heralds have been on the run. Chased by an unknown entity, the Heralds jump from galaxy to galaxy as entire star systems vanish in their wake, as if consumed by the blackness of space itself.
Each new galaxy saves their species from extinction for a short time more. While impermanent, the people of the heralds learn to appreciate each new planet they settle, and live in hope of one day finding a place where they can end their journey.

Guide the evacuation from the previous galaxy as rickety refugee ships dare the perilous intergalactic jumps to one of your jump stabilization beacons. Send resources back home to gain benefits from the last vestiges of your crumbling civilization as you prepare to deal with your new neighbours.

Is your empire a Warmongering siege machine, or are you deviously Scheming to annex planets diplomatically? Are you Progressive in valuing the advancement of technology? Xenophobic in the distrust of your neighbours?
The new Attitudes mechanic lets you develop your empire’s personality over the course of the game, gaining unique benefits from whichever playstyle you choose to adopt.

Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer: Glacicle
Publisher: Blind Mind Studios

Release Name: Star.Ruler.2.Wake.of.the.Heralds.PROPER-PLAZA
Size: 542 MB
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