Starlight Tactics-POSTMORTEM

One hundred years from tomorrow…World War IV has started! Will you join the United Star Force to defend Earth and its colonies from the relentless attacks of the Non-Aligned Nations? Or will you assume the role of commander in the NAN, striking at our Star System to gain dominance over the most powerful military organization in history? Do you have what it takes to command an advanced space fleet in the greatest conflict humankind has ever known? With over sixty starships with customizable weapons and defenses available to you, can you take the fight to the enemy and control the Star System?


  • Full 3D Turn-Based Tactical Combat
  • Intense Single Player USF Campaign
  • Freeplay Skirmish Mode
  • You own your fleet
  • Physics come into play
  • Soundtrack by David Arkenstone
  • Quotes from Beta Testers
  • “The concept of the game is great

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Publisher: Escape Hatch Entertainment,LLC
Developer: Escape Hatch Entertainment,LLC
Release Name: Starlight.Tactics-POSTMORTEM
Size: 609 MB
Links: STEAM |