Tabletop Simulator Pillars of Eternity Lords of the Eastern Reach-PLAZA

Lords of the Eastern Reach is a strategic card game of adventure and empire building based on the Pillars of Eternity video game from Obsidian Entertainment. You must protect and build a city. Hire heroes and troops for defense or to delve into dangerous dungeons for loot and glory. Build towers, blacksmiths and other buildings to gain the advantage and go for the win.


  • Use the cut feature to split City deck and Dungeon decks during the setup
  • All the cards were renamed so you can use the search feature if you try campaign mode.
  • Resources were set to don’t be stackable.
  • Pets tokens are double sided so you can flip it when it dies.
  • TTS Tablet playing Pillars of Eternity Soundtrack
  • Quick Reference Sheets from Rulebook
  • Tutorial Sheets for quick short introduction into the game
  • Rulebook included

Release Name: e.Eastern.Reach-PLAZA
Size: 9.65 GB
Links: STEAM |