Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4-CODEX

Tales from the Borderlands is a five part episodic game series from the creators of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series. Set on the unforgiving world of Pandora after the events seen in Borderlands 2, this is a story full of Borderlands trademark humor, following two adventurers on their quest for greatness. Youll play as Rhys, a Hyperion suit with dreams of being the next Handsome Jack, and Fiona, a Pandoran con artist looking to score her biggest ever swindle.
Today we can confirm that Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series Episode 4 – ‘Escape Plan Bravo’ will be out on Tuesday, August 18th! In the meantime, we’ve also got a few all-new screenshots from the episode to give you a little peek at what our unlikely heroes are up against.
In this penultimate episode of the season, captured by Vallory and her goons, Rhys and Fiona are forced to continue the search for the Vault beacon – at gunpoint. The beacon is on the Hyperion moon base – Helios – while our heroes are on Pandora… so there’s the pesky cold void of death known as ‘space’ to overcome. Even with assistance from a familiar face, and with a worryingly helpful Handsome Jack hitching a ride in Rhys’ head, getting on board the ominous ‘H’ is going to take every drop of guile, and quite possibly all the spunk you’ve got.
There is ONE last thing we can tell you about this episode… sacrifices will need to be made. Can you make the tough choices required to succeed?


  • Play as Rhys, on a mission to make Hyperion his
  • Play as Fiona, on a mission to make the money hers (all of it)
  • Explore Pandora as never before: familiar and new locations brought to life as more than mere cannon fodder
  • Your choices matter, changing the story around you, and making the tale yours

Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Genre: Adventure

Release Name: Tales.from.the.Borderlands.Episode.4-CODEX
Size: 6.26 GB
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