Tricolour Lovestory-DARKSiDERS

It was the fall of 2005, weather here in the River City was warm and lovely.
His childhood is like a pair of handcuffs, shackled the boy like he was soaked in dark grey paint.Entering the classroom called 「Fine Art」,
he saw 2 girls who auras out entirely different colors, embraced him at the same time.He almost say the auras encountered, twined, parted, and twined again……The young man was fascinated, before he could even reach his inner self. 「……How about we paint something together……」「……all three of us, from now on……」

One of the main characters, 17 and in her junior year. 
Like the young man, she was also a transfer student, and happened to sit by his side. 
With eyes deep like amethysts, dark silk-like hair a face of perfect beauty but cold as ice, and mesmerizing bosom, she drew attention wherever she went. 
An ‘Ice Queen’ like her, responded nothing after the young man greeted her. And because of this, she wasn’t the most popular one among her classmates. 
 But in the professor’s point of view, Violet was an absolute wizard of brushes. She worked her magic on a canvas like no one ever seen before. But her art was quite distinguished from her personality and seemed missing something crucial. What would that be? What would that be?

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: HL-Galgame
Publisher: SakuraGame

Release Name: Tricolour.Lovestory-DARKSiDERS
Size: 2.47 GB
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