War for the Overworld My Pet Dungeon-RELOADED

Long before the wars in Kairos you and your fellow Underlords are travelling the Aether in tow of your evil mentor Mendechaus (voiced as ever by the rambunctious Richard Ridings). In this calm before the storm there’s little for an Underlord to do… Except get elbow deep in your own petting zoo! Step into the chilled-out realms of My Pet Dungeon: explore, experiment, and uncage the dungeons of your dreams!


  • Possession Mode revamp – new vision effects depending on the unit you’ve possessed, improved combat feedback, a buff to the possessed unit, and new Possession Door mechanics
  • New Water effects change the green goo you’re accustomed to into shimmering subterranean lakes – not to mention the new Chasm waterfalls
  • Rebalancing of mechanics and campaign levels to yield a more leisurely dungeon management experience
  • Quality of life updates such as floating emoticons, enhancements to RTS combat feedback, Hardware Cursor support, and Rally user-interface improvements
  • Many other updates and fixes

Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer: Brightrock Games , Subterranean Games
Publisher: Brightrock Games , Subterranean Games

Release Name: War.for.the.Overworld.My.Pet.Dungeon-RELOADED

Size: 1.86 GB
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