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WarFire is an adventure shooting game, you as a player, you will experience a soldier fighting for the glory of the country.
In the story, you will play a soldier, in the country is facing the evil forces of the comprehensive destruction of the time, to destroy them, and in which the sense of honor as a soldier. At the beginning of the story, you will be dispatched to the city to kill terrorists and rescue the hostages, drove to the desert in the bombing of unmanned aerial vehicles. . . . . . You will be thrilled by the adventures.


  • Close to the natural quality. You can find a sense of substitution in the game, allowing you to find the body in the natural quality of pleasure in the battlefield.
  • The optimization effort. Our optimization is very “close to the people”, you will not be troubled by the configuration is not enough, we run smoothly allows you to fall in love with this game.
  • Shooting a sense of fighting. This will allow you to experience the shooting of the realism.
  • The wisdom of the enemy AI. This is interesting to explore, because the wisdom of the enemy AI, you will not be too “stupid” for the computer and the goodwill of the game lower, on the contrary, AI’s intelligence allows you to find more challenging and fun.

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: D&K Games Studio
Publisher: D&K Games Studio

Release Name: WarFire-HI2U
Size: 10.26 GB
Links: STEAM |

  1. ▌ ■[RELEASE NOTES]■
  2. ▀WarFire is an adventure shooting game, you as a player, you will experience a
  3. soldier fighting for the glory of the country.
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  12. [ 4 ] Copy content from 'Crack' folder and replace game dir files
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