Wildlife Park 3 Creatures of the Caribbean-PLAZA

Create magnificent palm beaches with lagoons and bays. Animate these with dolphins, dangerous sharks, giant turtles, colourful flamingos and many other animal inhabitants of the Caribbean Sea.
Let your park visitors immerse themselves in the world of pirates. Hurl them in the arms of a giant octopus or on Sir Francis Drake’s steering wheel through the skies before entertain at the stalls with dried meat and cocktails.


  • 20 Caribbean species, such as dolphins, sharks, flamingos, crocodiles and turtles
  • 4 theme park attractions such as The Pirate Swing and the Flying Crow’s Nest
  • 10 visitor facilities such as the Elixierspender and the dried meat hut
  • 14 decorations with different variations like the brain coral and the Pirate Shield
  • 4 new aquatic and submerged plants

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: b-alive gmbh
Publisher: b-alive gmbh

Release Name: Wildlife.Park.3.Creatures.of.the.Caribbean-PLAZA
Size: 1.53 GB
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