XField Paintball 3-TiNYiSO

XFP3 is a game in early stage and permanent development with the community. We want to inform you that the gameplay is not yet completly balanced: We continue to change it according to the community feedback.
The list of features already included in the game is discribed below. It is still short, because our priority is to focus on the gameplay. We will add more features step by step, but our purpose is to create – first – a super cool gameplay highlighting the natural strategical and tactical aspects of paintball.
Since the game has been released recently, you may not find enough players on the servers at every hour of the day, but the community is still growing.
The game is playable in Europe and North America with a good latency. Other areas are not yet playable with a good gaming experience.

What is now included in XFP3?

– A very realistic paintball physics engine reproducing the unique paintball shooting lines (air friction simulation).
– Quick play mode (real time multiplayer): 1v1 to 5v5 (adjusted by the dev team to reduce waiting time on servers).
– Walk in the Field – WIF (solo mode): For tutorial purpose, or IRL competition paintballers training.
– A two phases Gameplay, before and during each round:

1. Before each round – Strategy time:

  • The captain builds a team strategy and shares it using dedicated communication tools.
  • 3 different performance profiles are available:
    • Tactician with special communication power
    • Rusher with run boost
    • Shooter with accuracy boost

  • The Captain gives directions to each teammate: where to go and where to shoot…

2. During each round – Tactical and play time:

  • Each player uses an original cover mode, with offensive paintball moves (snap, lean, hand switching) while accuracy is boosted vs when running.
  • Each player can use a communication tool for tactics sharing. The tactician is, as IRL, the player who informs the team about opponents’ position. An exclusive power let him do that once a round for a few sec.

– Fire rate of 10.5 shots/second and per player (up to 200 simultaneous trajectories).
– Official layouts of all international leagues (NXL, Millennium, PALS, CXBL, UWL, SARPL) before the IRL events for training purpose.
– Scenario map SC Village.
– Progressive low latency servers deployment in USA then in Europe first.

Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Sports
Developer: XField Paintball SAS
Publisher: XField Paintball SAS

Release Name: XField.Paintball.3-TiNYiSO
Size: 580 MB
Links: STEAM |