ZombieZoid Zenith-RELOADED

Pepare yourself get in a fantastic world of adventure, action and fun. Pepare yourself for ZombieZoid – Zenith! Live this fantastic adventure with the little Arthur and face hordes of undead that spread through the town to save his girlfriend.


  • The Tasmania Spin
    An air vortex will be created around Arthur and will hit at every zombie that try to get close you
  • Rush Hour
    Using energies from the future, Arthur receive a big power and conjure the Rush Hour, pushing all the zombies at front off him and leaving a large trail of fire.
  • The Juggernaut´s Jump
    The elements around you conjure one of the strongest powers of Arthur. With this jump you can knock out many zombies around you and get out the problems quickly.
  • Baseball Bat
    Faithful companion of Arthur, with the bat things get more agile and win the zombies will be easier. Be aware that the club can break!
  • Holy Water
    Research found that holy water causes a great itching in zombies and causing his conversion. So they stop persecuting human and begin to move on themselves.
  • Popcorn
    The popcorn shape confuses the zombies thinking that are small brains. Use to get attention and go undetected in some places.
  • Water Pistol
    I saw in a movie that water hurts aliens. It’s not that hurt the zombies as well! Use a water pistol to release drops of water away. The gun is very fast, so pay attention for the ammunition ends fast.
  • Blunderbuss
    Launches water grenades and cause enough damage to enemies zombies. The Blunderbuss uses a greater amount of water in each shot and also takes longer to load. Be careful because the zombies can attack you while it is loading.
  • Holy Cannon
    Launches holy water grenades and convert the zombies without getting close to them. The Holy Cannon has a greater amount of holy water in its reservoir and can launch at a distance greater grenades.
  • Flashlight
    With the flashlight you can see better in dark places and also scare away some animals from the darkness. I know that spiders have very afraid of the light, especially those who live in caves. Hehehe, it´s in wikipedia!
  • Judith, the Maid
    Beware, she’s very angry! She wants a pay raise and the most we got was having to clean up windows, now all you see ahead of playing in the other. But she gets tired, enjoy this moment and send it to the
  • dream world!
    Benedict, The Cursed Popcorn Seller
    All of the children become zombies and don’t want eat popcorn anymore just brains. Benedict is very angry. Careful, because he is fast and hit you in the race.
  • Father Damien
    Father Damien is very angry because all the faithful are gone and now only think of brains. Take care of your spin, can hurt a lot and mess up the whole sacristy.
  • Bope, Knife in Skull
    The curse hit on the prisoners and all were transformed into skulls. Careful with fire invoked from the depths of evil. Water attacks can help.
  • General Bielek Mole
    The General is trying to organize all this mess but the zombies are very disorganized. That leaves him very angry. Be careful not to be caught off guard when he dig.
  • Mack, The Lumberjack
    The forest is a mess because of these zombies, not counting all the soldiers. Mack is very strong and can finish you in a few strokes. His leap is so strong that even knocks trees.
  • Otto, The Crazy Driver
    There is an accident on the road and Otto are trying help the passengers zombies to get out. He said that anybody pass over here. He’s throwing tires to stop anyone that trying to pass.
  • The Mother in Law
    In-Law is not happy. It seems that every zombies from the city decided invade your home. Beware it is dominated and transformed into multiple enemies.

Genre: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Adhoc Games
Developer: Adhoc Games

Release Name: ZombieZoid.Zenith-RELOADED
Size: 4.55 GB