Mavi Elma Ağacı | El Manzano Azul | 2012 | HDRip XviD | Türkçe Dublaj

IMDB Puanı:6.7 /10
Süre:92 Dk

City boy from divorced parents is sent out to the Venezuelan Andean mountains to spend time with his maternal grandfather. Although the story is straightforward, the mood is relaxing and the humor is light enough to take you smoothly through its 120 minute run time. Acting from Miguelangel Landa and the boy is of a great quality. Mr Landa has been in notable local movies like "Cangrejo" and is refreshingly good portraying a sick old man with stories to tell.

The cinematography is excellent, with the foggy "páramos" (essentially cold mountains with sparse vegetation) as the backdrop. Editing is well done, shifting from the older narrator to the younger protagonist in a way that moves the story forward. Although there are some clear anachronisms (201x model car in a 20-year flashback?), the movie leaves a good feeling of Venezuelan cinema.