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Yapım : 2014

Ülke : Amerika

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Talk Show

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This talk show started as an after show of MTV's hit series Teen Wolf since season 3b (episodes 13 to 24) while first airing on January 6th 2014. It's hosted by Jill Wagner, herself also playing recurring character of Kate Argent on the show (although she died on the end of season one - yet Teen Wolf being a supernatural series, there she is again in 3b and I myself love it and love her!). She was also a host of couple after shows for the series in the past yet it never grew into format of regular every-week talk show until now. Since I'm writing this only hours after first airing of the show and have very (none) limited inside intel, I can only hope the format will stay the same (or will grow bigger) as in the first episode > 30 minutes incl. commercial breaks (some 21 minutes of "clean" time), Jill as host, couple guests in the studio (in the first episode Teen Wolf co-stars Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey), some fan-guests on the wire and lots of inside talk about the MTV hit series, including previews and teasers. It's just a great thing for a fan of Teen Wolf to also have a show like this. My keep-up-the-good-work to everybody on the team surrounding Jeff Davis - you're all doing an awesome job!