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There are 60 members of the eagle clan, all united by their acute eyesight, broad, powerful wings, sharp talons and hooked beaked. As we explore their world, we’ll see the majestic Harpy eagle of the Amazon bringing a dead sloth to their nest. Slow motion reveals the skill of the African fishing eagle as it snatches prey from the water’s surface. In winter, when competition for food gets tough, the heaviest eagle of all, the Steller’s sea eagle, is hunting around ice floes. When they have their eye on the same meal, Golden, Steller’s and White-tailed sea eagles battle – filmed in breath-taking slow motion.

To explore the world of the eagle we follow the fortunes of one individual from hatching to leaving the nest and setting up a home on her own, her fight for survival reveals what it takes to become a queen of the sky.
National.Geographic.Eagle.Queen.of.the.Skies.HDTV. x264-CBFM
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